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~electrical s.t.o.r.m.

And if the sky can crack, there must be some way back to love and only love

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Electrical Storm

Ada. 19. Italian. Fan Girl. Shipper. Slasher. Law Student. Udduica. Heroinomane. War Buddies Obsessed. Misha's Minion. Kripke's Slut. Bambolina del Barracuda. Regina dell'Ultimo Tango. Queen of Leon. Nite Hoot. V.i.c.t.i.m.

tvshows: Angel; Battlestar Galactica; Bones; Buffy; Desperate Housewives; E.R.; Generation Kill; Glee; Gossip Girl; Grey's Anatomy; Harper's Island; Heroes; How I Met Your Mother; In Treatment; Lost; Roswell; Skins; Supernatural; That '70s Show; The Mentalist; True Blood; Ugly Betty
movies: A Clockwork Orange; Across The Universe; Almost Famous; Apocalypse Now; Brokeback Mountain; Guys and Dolls; Last Tango In Paris; My Cousin Vinny; Pulp Fiction; Rattle and Hum; Star Wars (IV, V & VI); The Godfather; The Rocky Horror Picture Show; Velvet Goldmine; Zoolander; 300
books: 1984; De Profundis; Les Liaisons dangereuses; Lolita; Montalbano Saga; The Count of Montecristo; The Lord of the Rings; The Picture of Dorian Gray; The Sound and the Fury; Trainspotting; Voyage au but de la nuit; Wuthering Heights; Chuck Palahniuk
music: U2; Lucio Battisti; Kings of Leon; The Beatles; Franz Ferdinand; The Killers; Mando Diao; Florence and The Machine; Smashing Pumpkins; Pearl Jam; Radiohead; MGMT; Damien Rice; Bluvertigo & Morgan; Red Hot Chili Peppers; White Lies; Kasabian; Aimee Mann; Low Vs Diamonds; Voxtrot; The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

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"All of this has happened before, and it will all happen again. So say we all."
-- Battlestar Galactica